Andrzej Popielewicz Phd

Applied Informatics Division
Institute of Physics UAM

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New 64 bit file system for Coherent 4.2.17


New file system for Coherent 4.2.10 ( alias 4.2.17) implemented


  • Support for big > 4 GB partitions

  • new 64 bit data structures used, different from those in Linux or NetBsd

  • tested only in LBA mode

  • new mkfs and fsck command implemented

  • new cfdisk, that prepared for big drive LBA mode

  • Coherent partitions created on test drive : 3800 MB, 20 GB , 37 GB

  • tested for a week , stable , but we do not know if rock stable yet

  • 80 GB slave drive tested on Duron 1300 MHZ system, default setting of BIOS

  • Does require massive changes in 4.2.10 kernel, this is why it is not more 4.2.10 but 4.2.17

  • No big file support yet, as before files up to 1 GB possible

  • Max number of inodes as before equal to ~64K

  • Not compatible with the old filesystem, cannot be mounted in the old 4.2.10 OS

  • Install procedure prepared

  • You can now use Coherent on 80 GB drive alone, without any multiboot configuration, slave drive tested, but it suggests, that it works on primary drive too.

  • Booting possible from floppy/HDD , CD/R ,CD/RW, DVD/R , tested with LG DVD/RW drive on PC

  • 28.12.2007 UDMA at driver works fine

  • Author and copyright : Andrzej Popielewicz

Following projects in coming

Mai 2007

  • Number of inodes per filesystem(partition) > 64 K

  • Long names support

  • No big file support will be implemented , applications which need files > 1 GB , can use big raw partitions instead(databases etc).