Andrzej Popielewicz Phd

Applied Informatics Division
Institute of Physics UAM
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Using apout, pdp-11 emulator under Coherent 4.2.x 

 What You need
  • apout binary
  • original Unix Version 5/6/7 binaries and sources, which can be easily downloaded from  tuhs archive or from many of its mirrors. The best experiences were made with V7
  • create own directory for example /pdp11/V7
  • copy v7.tar.gz to /pdp11/V7
  • cd /pdp11/V7
  • gunzip v7.tar.gz
  • tar xvf v7.tar
  • cp apout /bin
  • export APOUT_ROOT=/pdp11/V7
  • apout /pdp11/V7/bin/sh
  • prompt # appears  : You are done, you are now in pdp11 environment
  • type  pwd, You should see /
  • cd usr/src/cmd
  • cd lex
  • make  , as a result You will rebuild lex binary for pdp11 etc
  • in order to edit You can use "cat"
  • CRTL/D in order to leave pdp11 environment 
  • You can run original pdp11 binaries under Coherent
  • You can build or rebuild original pdp binaries , if You have original sources