Andrzej Popielewicz Phd

Applied Informatics Division
Institute of Physics UAM
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Curriculum vitae

  • Born on 21.6.1950 in Poznań, Poland
  • Master of Science in Physics in the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in 1973
  • PhD in Physics in the Adam Mickiewicz University in 1978
  • Since 1972 till 1981 assistant in the Institute of Physics of Adam Mickiewicz University
  • In 1980 in the Oxford Univeristy , having 9 month grant , in Institute Of Theoretical Physics
  • Since 1981 till 1985 , postdoc position(wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter) for 4 years in the Liebig University in Giessen in Germany , in the Institue of Physics;few months programming Fortran on Cyber
  • Since 1985 till 1987, scientific position(wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter) for 2 years in the Heavy Ion Centre GSI in Darmstadt (Germany), in the Computer centre; IBM 3090 with MVS/ESA and FPS attached parallel processor, 1 year programming PL/1 and Vector assembler
  • Since 1987 till 1993 , system analyst in Danet Gmbh software house in Darmstadt in Germany; IBM 4xxx and 3090 with MVS/ESA, VM/ESA and OS2/1.3
  • Since 1993 till 1994, as a programmer for half a year in French Deloque Informatique in Poznan, Poland, programming first Polish online ATM server;Novell 3.x
  • Since 1996 till 1999 , systen and network administrator for 3 years in Polish state bank PKO in Poznan; HP/UX 10.x
  • Since 1999 till 2000 , programmer for 1 year, in software house DomData in Poznan, spending 1 year in Hamburg, programming in Cobol investment fond project for a customer; IBM As400 host/Win2000 client
  • Since 1993 till now 2001 , having own small business , architect , designer and programmer of 3 original technologies, database , intranet/internet and business oriented :
  • Since 2001 October , postdoc position at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Physics,now in Applied Informatics Division