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New at driver for Coherent 4.2.10


New at driver for IDE HD drives implemented


  • LBA support, drives up to 120 GB possible (so called 28 bit LBA, 137 GB)

  • new data structures used

  • works only in LBA mode

  • tested with 80 GB WD IDE harddrive with 8 MB cache

  • new cfdisk

  • A few 4 GB Coherent partitions created

  • was tested in 1.7 GB master(Coherent) + 80 GB slave(Coherent plus other partitions) configuration

  • tested for 2 months and seems rock stable in K6 300 MHZ system, but not rock stable in Duron 1300 MHZ system yet.Perfect for development of better versions in both cases.In any case we do not use old at non-lba driver anymore

  • 80 GB drive tested on Duron 1300 MHZ system, default setting of BIOS

  • tested also in 80GB primary(Linux,Solaris10/9) and 80 GB slave(Coherent and other), it means You can boot Coherent from slave drive .It suggests, that one can boot Coherent from primary 80 GB disk too.

  • tested on K6 300 MHZ system, with 8 GB master(Coherent) + 10 GB slave(Coherent), default setting of BIOS

  • Does not require any other changes in 4.2.10 kernel(if I did not forget something ?)

  • Should allow to boot Coherent on any modern PC(even P4)/laptop with PATA(PCI Express vga is a question!!)

  • Will it work with SATA ? Rather not(?). One could try to use SATA/PATA cable to connect PATA drive to SATA controller.Although old SATA specification says something about software compatibility with ATA drivers (?)(perhaps only for 150MB/s SATA ?).

  • How to install on laptop without floppy ? Use PC IDE-laptop IDE adapter and install Coherent on laptop drive connected to PC IDE interface as a slave. Or use bootit/image/copywipe partition CD/DVD images created on PC ?

  • UDMA support .More about UDMA

  • Question : What about using bootit program to boot Coherent in multiboot configuration ??

  • Kernel development environment works fine in the new system(ddk,idmkcoh,idbld etc) for K6 300 MHZ ,it means one can switch completely to the new system , the development of kernel for Duron 1300 MHZ is done at the moment on K6 system, but it should change soon.

  • Some programs have (sometimes fixable) problems in Duron system, but we do not know if it is caused by the new at driver(?).

  • Planned : 48 bit LBA

  • Author and Copyright : Andrzej Popielewicz

Update status : 11.8.2010

  • Added support for 48 bit LBA , it means up to 140 PTB(petabytes) drives supported, in theory. Coherent uses 32 bits variables it means maximum 2 TB drives are supported(our 64 bit filesystem should solve this problem). Another bottleneck are 32 bit partition tables, which also support 2 TB only drives. Recently new software/hardware technologies appeared , which support more than 2 TB drives, for example 64 bit partition tables(GPT), greater than 512 bytes sector size etc. Of course it requires also changes in bootloader programs , at drivers, filesystems etc,etc.

Fix for hai SCSI driver

March 2007

  • Simple fix of hai SCSI driver from 4.2.10, which allows to use external HP SureStore Tape 6000 streamer.Really a very reliable streamer(4-8 GB DDS2).

November 2008

  • Tandberg Ns8 Pro Travan 4/8 GB tested.Works out of the box.Extremely reliable, best streamer for Coherent.