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Driver for RTL8139 for Coherent 4.2.10



  • our ftp client command works reliably , including download of gzipped files (tested with vsFTPd 2.x)

  • download of gzipped files in lynx 2.8.3 works reliably

  • our fetchmail tested OK with dovecot POP3 server

  • chip version recognition works fine

  • test environment : cable television (dhcp) connection 1500 Kbits down/250 Kbits up

  • alpha testing finished , our udp/tcp subsystem + rtl8139 driver are usable and useful

  • beta testing started, goal : increased stability and performance, LAN testing


  • ftp : get, put , delete, ls commands work reliably

  • cable television dhcp 3000/500 Kbits connection works even better

  • gopher in lynx2-8-3 works fine including gopher download(of text and gzipped files(.z, .gz,.tgz ))

  • news(reading) in lynx2-8-1 works fine


  • small http server implemented, good for testing: because our network subsystem does not have loopback feature, it can be used to test lynx-www server connection on one PC(via dhcp).

  • tested cards : 8139c(full duplex), 8139d(half duplex). Should work on 8139c+ too.

Possible applications :

  • embedded systems, it does not mean we want to port Coherent to ARM processors for example, but we mean dedicated applications, for example robots using Intel/AMD proccessors etc, or Intel machines controlling external microcontroller applications connected to PC.


Local network (twisted-pair with switch/hub) test (LAN)

    • On average 700 KB/s(5.6 Mbits/s) for big files(~100 MB) on local network, both PC using Realtek 8139(c,d), full/half duplex or both full/full via simple 10 Mbits switch

    • Above speed achieved using lynx and our http server , being good method of file transfer between Coherent boxes

    • 200-300 KB/s achieved (lynx file download) on cable modem with 3000 Kb/s(in) and 500Kb/s (out).Result comparable to that what I get on Linux/Solaris10.

    • ifconfig command and arp command implemented , are used in LAN setup


  • news posting/replying fixed, works fine in lynx2-8-1

  • mail sending with mutt works , it uses our sendmail command (tested with ESMTP, ESMTP/Postix(Debian))

  • fetchmail tested once again, works reliably with POP3 dovecot, usually it works in background as daemon


  • telnet (inetutils 1.4.x) finally works fine, support for 8 bit

  • builds and works with both -DTERMCAP or -DUSE_TERMIO flags.

  • tested in cable television connection with Solaris 10 x86 telnet service(inetadm -e telnet) : mc in color mode works fine, vi editor works fine, ps -A etc, probably lynx and mutt work fine.

  • tested in cable television connection with nethack game server, one can really play this amusing game, it is my number three favorite after xtetris and xboard.

  • Tested in cable television connection with Linux Aurox 9(clone of RedHat) telnet service: mc, lynx, pine, vim and mutt work fine. I can even play nethack game from this remote Linux. WOW , “top” works too, looks like in Linux.Linux box and Coherent are connected to the same switch and cable modem(my private LAN).

  • has acceptable speed

  • it means it can be used with Telnet terminal server , as a terminal to remote Solaris10

  • best results with vt220 terminal TERM setting, but works with vt100 too, it does not work with ansipc setting.

  • x3270 3.1.1/3.3.7 works fine.c3270(curses client) works fine(wow,22.5.2008).I have spent 8 years in front of green 3270 terminal, so it is a pleasure to see it in Coherent again. Check this.Screenshot

February 2008

    • cvs 1.11.22 , works both in local and network client mode,it means You can checkout remote repository too.Tested with savannah repository.Really robust and useful .

November the 30 th 2008

  • openSSH 1.2.2 ported, it supports protocol version 1.5.Tested with openSSH 1.2.2 sshd server running in Linux.Nowadays mostly newer version protocol 2 is used, but it is not a problem to have both sshd servers running in Linux or Solaris system.Tested configuration was the following : ssh client behind the hardware router with hardware firewall and sshd server running behind the software iptables firewall. Doubly secure combination.Quite stable.One can observe top program on the other Linux side for hours.

  • Above means that openSSL was ported , version 0.9.6a.For example small demo cli works fine with serv demo running in Linux.

December the 17th 2008

  • pop,pops,imap,imaps,iconv support enabled in our previously ported mutt 1,4i.

  • imaps secure protocol in mutt tested with our University imap server running in Linux .Stable and fast.I like it.

January the 20 th 2009

  • iso-8859-2 support ,mostly for mutt, designed and implemented. It allows to send mails using Polish Latin2 letters , which can be shared as expected with Linux/Solaris world.Very important to make mutt useful for me.It required patch of virtual nonloadable console driver vtkb and special program to load Polish latin2 fonts , fonts which I have designed myself about 14 years ago.

June, 2009

  • openSSH 2.1.1.p4, with support for 2/1.5 protocols, tested with newest Fedora,Debian,FreeBSD, Solaris10 sshd servers

  • lynx 2.8.6rel4 , with https support, really colorful (color styles); http and news(nntp) work fine.

  • Download speed in lynx the same as in Linux/Solaris using 3COM 9xx and the same cable TV connection; PC's connected to router , which in itself was connected to GrandStream SIP phone working as switch, which in itself was connected to cable TV modem

  • BTW , driver works fine in 10/100 Mbit modes


  • Original gopher 2.3 ported , works fine; useful because there exist servers with coherent archives


  • newest libbind 6.0 from isc ported

  • dig 8.4 from libbind 6-.0 works fine, using tcp only.

  • now lynx-2.8.6 using libbind resolves names in Internet much better, one can google for hours.

  • /etc/resolv.conf is used to define dns servers, OpenDNS servers were tested.Our ISP dns servers also work fine.

  • Our implementation corresponds to /etc/host.conf : order hosts,bind configuration, but host.conf is not used.

  • We now use cisco 10/100/1000 switch, realtek cards are set to 100 Mbit duplex mode using setup program


  • sendmail client used by mutt now supports smtps via SSL, tested with ESMTP Postfix/Dovecot/IMAP mail environment running in Debian


  • support for UDP sockets added

  • as a test of above ntp-4.1.1 was ported, but not completely

  • ntpdate from ntp-4.1.1 works fine , it does get time offset from the public time server and sets/adjusts the system time accordingly. I had to add some code because Coherent does not have adjtime system call. Of course added code does not „discipline” system clock like in BSD/HP-UX but only modifies system time. One of the problems is to choose best time server.

  • example : ntpdate -u

    Time synchronization in Internet is a fascinating and a very sophisticated topic .

30.10.2013 mutt-1.5.22

  • mutt-1.5.22 ported

  • supports builtin smtp(s)

  • uses OpenSSL 0.9.6x

  • uses cyrus-sasl-2.1.25

  • works like a charm, excellent program

  • tested with Exim, Postfix, googlemail servers

  • our own external sendmail can also be used if for some reason builtin smtp has problems (uses LOGIN,OpenSSL and TLSv1)

  • we use lynx/links to view html mail attachments

  • 19.12.2013 : we use zgv to view image (png,jpg etc) mail attachments , it required porting of svgalib-1.4.3

Todo : traceroute ...