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Solaris 9 x86 : Connecting to ISP via serial modem

Modem definition

Call admintool from command line , and select serial lines in Browse panel. Define one enabled dialout modem with corresponding speed. Other options do not have to be changed.

 admintool snapshot

PPP Configuration

Two scripts must be adopted :


Notice that I have used names specific for my system, You do not have to change it .

The only configurable parameter is the phone number, in chat script, in my case it is 0202122. Change it respectively. Quite possible , that you will have to change also login parameter : in my case login parameter is "Username", this is why "sername". If during login to Your ISP keyword "login" is used instead od "Username", then change "sername:" into "ogin:".

How to start ?

After adding to Your system two files mentioned above,  pppd command must be called.
You can prepare script  calling this command of course. And now the call itself :

pppd ttya 38400 call duron

where 38400 is a speed, and duron is the name of peers file mentioned above. Notice that /usr/bin/pppd is used.

After pppd is started , we can begin to work. If You have another cable modem connection via Ethernet(as is in my case) simply drop it with(elxl0 in the case of 3COM card)

ifconfig elxl0 dhcp drop

and simply type


You will be connected with web via ppp interface.
How to check system messages?

Check  the file /var/adm/messages (with tail etc).If pppd messages do not show up, then
change /etc/rc2.d/S72inetsvc at the end of the file(but carefully, do not make mistakes, remember , that You do not have to do it!) :

inetd  -s     must be replaced by     inetd  -s   -t

/var/adm/messages snapshot


Test was made with the help of external Zoom faxmodem V34X.Mozilla 1.2.1 was used. Mail worked.
K7S5A motherboard with Duron 1300 MHZ was used.KDE 3.0 was used.


pkginfo snapshot

Document created on 13.12.2003