Andrzej Popielewicz Phd

Division of Applied Informatics
Institute of Physics UAM 
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Experiences with XiG Accelerated Xserver (

glxgears fps

Solaris 9 x86+XiG

Linux Aurox 9

Solaris 9 x86

Mesa OpenGL




XiG OpenGL




For other Mesa demos like terrain or tunnel2 , if built with XiG OpenGL, 500-800% increase of fps(frames per second) was observed in comparison to original Solaris 9 x86 distribution. For fire demo we observed 1800% increase of fps(jump from 1.2 to 22.4).
Results for Aurox 9 (clone of RedHat 9) are not available at the moment, because these Mesa demos do not work(failed library dependencies).

Matrox G450 AGP dual head, 16 MB, was used. ECS K7S5A board with Duron 1300 MHZ, 256 MB RAM. Gold Edition of XiG server was used.

Resolution 1280x1024 , True Color 24 bit visual.

In case of resolution 1024x768, the results for glxgears  are correspondigly : for Solaris 9 with XiG OpenGl 390, and for Aurox  330.
CDE desktop was used.Miro 17 inch monitor was used.
Notice, that glxgears uses 5 second measurement interval. You obtain better results, if
this interval is changed to 10 or 20 seconds(printf message overhead can depend on OS).

Aurox 9 is a Polish clone of RedHat 9 .

Document published 19.2.2005, update 9.6.2005