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XFree 4.8.0

December 2010

Difficult task of porting newest Xfree started.

Features implemented:

  • XFree libraries ported

  • Almost all stuff in programs/hw/xfree86/* ported

  • Almost all stuff in programs/Xserver/ * ported

  • Xdmx server does not yet build nor specific Xservers

  • Applications from programs for example :xinit, xgc, xev, xlsfonts,xdpyinfo can be built using new libraries and they work fine with the old Xfree 4.4 server.For example xcalc works fine, although xcalc built in Xfree 4.4 environment was broken. It means even such mixed environment brings advantages.

  • We hope to able to build Xservers itself soon


Finally XFree86-4.8.0 server works fine!!. The following minimal configuration is usable at the moment/ was tested today

  • XFree86 server

  • mwm built with XFree 4,.4 as window manager(Motif)

  • xinit

  • kterm as terminal emulator built with XFree 4.4

  • xclock built with XFree 4.4

  • petri, greynetic screen savers, built with XFree 4.4

  • xdpyinfo built with XFree 4.4

  • all important extensions active, GLX is not active yet

  • Nvidia Geforce Quadro PCI card is used with native nv driver

  • TrueColor 24 bit visual

  • PS2 mouse

  • ....


  • xev, xlsfonts, xdpyinfo, xrandr built with XFree-4.8 tested OK

  • original tetris (not xtetris) built with Xfree-4.4 works fine, it means efforts to port XFree-4.8 were not useless.Amazing game.

  • Vim and mc work fine in kterm

  • ...

According to information available on Wikipedia it is probably the last XFree release, although the distribution is still maintained its development is „dormant”.