The itinerary of John Dee's and Edward Kelley's pilgrimage to Poland and Bohemia

compiled by Rafał T. Prinke (

The table below shows the known information from Dee's diaries. The place names in brackets are modern spellings (some have not been identified yet).

See the accompanying map [50KB] and portraits.

__day of weekdatestyletime of dayday of weekdatestyletime of day_
Mortlake [now part of Richmond, Surrey]-Saturday21-09-1583-3:00 PM----with Albert Łaski
Greenwich--------dead of the nightrested at the house of Goodman Fern, a potter
2 ships 8 miles beyond Graves End [Gravesend]boat----Sunday--morning, by sunrisebegan voyage
---22-09-1583------danger of hitting the sands because of the wind
mouth and entrance of Quinborrough Creek or Haven2 ships-23-09-1583
Quinborrough Town, the side up the crooked Creek [Queenborough]2 fisherboats-23-09-1583------1st boat: Albrecht Łaski, John Dee, his wife and children; 2nd b oat: Edward Kelley, Marie, Elizabeth and John Crokar
ship-Thursday26-09-1583------lay in the ship all night at anchor
Quinborrough [Queenborough]-Friday27-09-1583------sailed to the main sea North-East
coast of Holland-----Saturday28-09-1583--the coast was unknown to mariners so returned to sea
Briel-haven-----Sunday29-09-1583--lay all night on anchor
Briel-----Monday30-09-1583--landed and went into the Briel
Roterdam [Rotterdam], in a Hoy of Amsterdam-----Thursday3-10-1583--lay all night, waiting to go within land
Tergowd [?]-Friday4-10-1583-3 a meridie----lay within the town in the ship
Harlem [Haarlem] -> Amsterdam-----Saturday5-10-1583--lay before the town all night in the ship
Encusen [Enkhuizen]-----Tuesday8-10-1583--Edmund Hilton went with JD's goods by sea toward Dansk
Encusen [Enkhuizen]-Wednesday9-10-1583-early----contrary wind
Herlinghem [Harlingen]-----Wednesday9-10-1583-late
Frainker [Franeker] -> Lewarden [Leeuwarden]little scutesFriday11-10-1583------within land
Dockum [Dokkum] , in Frisia Occidentalismall boats----Saturday12-10-1583-about 3 pm
Angem [?]-----Tuesday15-10-1583-by sunsetmade hard shift to get there
Embden [Emden]-----Thursday17-10-1583-by fix of the clock after noonwent without the Isles and came in at Wester Emb; could not get in at the Gates and lay a ll night on the shipboard but Albrecht Łaski went over to the lodging on the other shore
Embden-----Friday18-10-1583--came into town, AL lay at the White Swan toward the waterside, JD, EK with JD's children and Many lay at the Three Golden Keys b y the English house
Embden [Emden]little HoySunday20-10-1583-about 8 in the morning----AL tarried at Embden
Lyre [Leer]-----Sunday20-10-1583-late
Lyre [Leer]lesse ScuteSunday20-10-1583-at night
Styk-husen [?] -> Oppen [Apen]-----Monday21-10-1583-by 9 in the morninga very simple village
Oldenburgh [Oldenburg]-----Monday21-10-1583
Delmenhurst [Delmenhorst] -> Breame [Bremen]-----Tuesday22-10-1583--lodged at an old Widow's house at the sign of the Crown
Ostarhold [Osterholz] , a nunneryrode----Saturday2-11-1583--two great miles
Fure or Fureden [?]-----Sunday3-11-1583
Harburgh [Harburg, but more probably Horneburg]-----Monday4-11-1583--came to bed there
Buxtenhaden [Buxtenhude]-----Tuesday5-11-1583
Buxtenhaden [Buxtenhude]2 great Skutes or boatsTuesday5-11-1583-by 9 in the morning----by a little river
the Elb -> Blanken nasen [Blankenese, Hamburg]-----Tuesday5-11-1584--dined there
Hamburgh [Hamburg]coaches----Tuesday5-11-1585-after dinnerAL lay at the English house, others at another lodging, a Widow's house
Tritiow [Trittau]rode----Wednesday6-11-1583--a little village 4 miles from Hamburgh; AL stayed behind, children and servants went before them another way; JD , his wife, Rowland, Nurse and Myrcopskie (AL's man)
Lubek [Lübeck]-----Thursday7-11-1583--inn at the figure of the Angel or rather St. Michael, at a Widow's house
Lubek [Lübeck]-Tuesday10-12-1583-after dinner----AL went by coach to Lord Christopher Duke of Meckelburgh
Wismar-----Thursday12-12-1583--night lay there
Rostoch [Rostock]-----Saturday14-12-1583-morning
Rostoch [Rostock]-Sunday22-12-1583-morning----toward Stetin
Stetin [Szczecin]-----Wednesday25-12-1583-by 10Christmas Day
Posen [Poznań]-----Sunday19-01-1584--problems with EK
Posen [Poznań]-----Sunday26-01-1584--Invisebam Bibliothecam Ecclesiae Cathedralis
Posen [Poznań]-Tuesday28-01-1584
Konin-Thursday30-01-1584------came over the long and dangerous bridge
near Vinew [Uniejów]-----Saturday1-02-1584-nightpassed the dangerous way of Ice, having 25 men to cut the Ice for their coaches to come through above 2 Engli sh miles long, but could not come to Vinew City that night
Vinew [Uniejów]-----Sunday2-02-1584--came over the great water, the Ice was driven away by strong wind that night
Shadek [Szadek] -> Lasko [Łask]-----Monday3-02-1584--were lodged in the Provost his house by the Church
Lasko [Łask]-Monday9-03-1584Old9 in the morning
Petr... [Piotrków Trybunalski]-----Monday9-03-1584--spent night
Michow [Miechów]-----Thursday12-03-1584--lodged at night
Cracovia [Kraków]-----Friday13-03-1584-about 3 a meridiewere lodged in the suburbs by the Church at...* where remained a few nights
Cracovia [Kraków]---------JD and his wife removed to the house in St. Stephen's street, which he hired for a year
Cracovia [Kraków]-----Friday27-03-1584Old-EK came to them on Friday in the Easter week (by the new Gregorian Kalendar), being the 27 day of March by the old Kalendar, but the sixth day of April by the new Kalendar, Easter Day being the first day of April in Poland by the new Gregorian institution
Cracovia [Kraków]-Wednesday1-08-1584-hora 3 afternoon----entered on journey toward Prague
Prage [Praha]-----Tuesday9-08-1584New3 of the clocksevenight after, exactly in 8 days, July 30 Old Style
Prage [Praha]-----Wednesday15-08-1584--settled in a study, in the house of Dr. Hageck [Hajek] by Bethlem in the old Prage
Prage [Praha]-?after 8-10-1584------came to Cracow for some time but that part of diaries is missing
Cracovia [Kraków]a coach with horse-20-12-1584New-----set forth toward Prage in a coach with horse bought from Master Frizer; JD, EK, Rowland Dee, his nurse and John Crokar
Prage [Praha]------30-12-1584-afternoon
Prage [Praha]-----Friday4-01-1585--hired the house in the Salt street from two sisters: Anne, wife of Christopher Christian, Chancellor or Registrar of Old P rague, and Dorothe, wife of..., not far from the Marketplace
Prage [Praha]-Saturday12-01-1585-afternoon----removed from Dr. Hageck's [Hajek's] house by Bedlem and came with all household to the hired house
Prage [Praha]rodeWednesday27-02-1585------JD, EK, Thomas Kelley as servant
Limburg or Nimburge, 6 miles from Prague-----Friday28-02-1585-mane circa 6 hours
Bressel or Wratislavia [Wrocław]---------[it is not quite clear if they went there or returned to Prague from Limburg]
Prage [Praha]-----Thursday14-03-1585--in Prague, christening of Michael Dee
Prage [Praha]-Friday5-04-1585------took journey from Prague toward Cracow, JD, EK, Thomas Kelley and Hugh Brycket, servants
Niso [Nysa]---------JD sent a letter to AL in Łask
Cracovia [Kraków]-----Friday12-04-1585-a meridiecame to Cracow; the house was let to one Bonar [Boner] (his arms were set upon the door) by the landlords Mr. John Long, the Judge, and Martin Plutner
Rithian or Rithwyan [Rytwiany]--between 6-05-1585 and 20-05-1585------JD alone went to AL [this is not quite certain]
Nyepolonicze [Niepołomice]-----Wednesday22-05-1585--lodged in the College [?], meeting with king Stephen Bathori in Aula Regis
Cracovia [Kraków]-----Wednesday5-06-1585--[date interpolated - there is a note of June 4th in Niepołomice and next one of June 6th in Cracow]
Prage [Praha]------before 6-08-1585--[on that day, Tuesday, already in Prague]
Prage [Praha] -> Valkenaw [Volkanau]-Tuesday6-05-1586------entered journey toward Valkenaw Glasse-house and Leipsig Mart
Leipsig [Leipzig]-----Sunday11-05-1586--came to Leipsig, lodged at the house of Peter Hans Swartz
Leipsig [Leipzig]--after 14-05-1586
Prage [Praha]------21-05-1586 [?]--returned from Valkenaw
Prage [Praha]--after 29-05-1586------a decree against them bannished JD and EK from Prague and all Rudolph's lands
Erphurdia, Thuringiae [Erfurt, Thuringia]------18-06-1586--not allowed to hire a house
Erphurd -> SaalfieldrodeFriday11-07-1586-after 10 of the clock----JD rode alone to look at a house to hire
Erphurdia, Thuringiae [Erfurt, Thuringia]------13-07-1586-hora 5 a meridiereturned to Erfurt
Gotharode 3 miles----Thursday17-07-1586--went toward Kassel but horses were ill
Cassel [Kassel]coach--------all went there from Erfurt; William Rosenberg obtained a revocation of the decree against them on 8-08-1586 and they went to his castle in Třeboň
Trebona [Třeboň]-----end of August 1586---arrived at Třeboň [maybe earlier?]
Trebona [Třeboň]-----14-09-1586---settled at Count Rosenberg's castle and stayed there for 2 years; JD started his Private Diary again
Prage [Praha] and Cracovia [Kraków]---------EK went there several times (to Prague on 25-01-1587], also to Germany [?]
Platz -> New-house [Neuhaus]rode-----after 25-01-1587--JD went to meet Rosembeg returning from Viena
Cromlaw [Česky Krumlov]------1587--JD probably went there
Trebona [Třeboň]------23-05-1587--last action with spirits of JD and EK
Trebona [Třeboň]rode-16-02-1588-afternoon----EK rode to Prague - last time JD and EK saw each other
Trebona [Třeboň]3 new coaches-11-03-1588------JD with family left Třeboň
Diepholz -> Oldenburg -> Bremen
Bremen------19-04-1588--hired a house
Bremen------13-05-1588--moved to the hired house
Bremenship-19-11-1588------took ship to England by the Vineyard
Stratford---------the house of Mr. Justice Thomas Young
Richmond------19-12-1588--received by the Queen
Mortlake------25-12-1588--first slept in his house at Mortlake
Mortlake [?]---------JD noted "the news that Sir Edward Kelley was slayne"

* Clay Holden has kindly checked this lacuna in the original manuscript and reported that Dee left empty place there to be filled in later. Presumably he had not remembered a presumably strange sounding Polish name and intended to ask someone for exact spelling but never did that.