This site assumes the Reader knows the basic facts connected with the mystery of the Voynich MS. Some of the best Web sites to learn more about it are listed below and contain links to others.
* Beinecke-Yale - images of some pages
* 4oqpcc89 - more images
* Jim Gillogly - original ftp site
* Jim Reeds - e-list arichives and exhaustive paper bibliography
* René Zandbergen - everything++
* Jorge Stolfi - all keys
* Gabriel Landini - EVA transliteration standard
Rafał T. Prinke

Some facts, thoughts and speculations related to the Voynich manuscript

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  1. Chronological chart
  2. Dramatis personae - some more details
  3. Did John Dee really sell VMS to Rudolf II?
  4. An alternative scenario
  5. A note on Cyrillic alphabets
  6. VMS related manuscripts
  7. Paleographic samples
  8. Biographies of WMV and ELV
  9. Genealogia Booleana [PDF]
  10. Voynich's voyages to the USA 1914-1924
  11. Gnostic circle with naked figures making gestures